Integrated Infrastructure Solutions

At Ramgoolam we offer holistic infrastructure solutions capacitated with organic and network sourced capability. The composition of these integrated solutions are tailored to include all or some of the services demonstrated below:

Management Solutions

At Ramgoolam, we harness technologies, innovation and pragmatism to convert ex-ante results into definitive outcomes. We offer a range of management solutions designed by polymaths with deep and broad industry knowledge.

Cost Solutions

At Ramgoolam, we adopt a rigorous value driven, assurance driven and benefit driven cost and commercial management formula with a primary focus of yielding, extracting and creating optimal community, business and industry value.

From viability to operations, our broad spectrum of local, international, technical, contract and construction mastery allows us to commit to innovative cost assurance, rigorous cost management, investment centered cost reporting, value driven life-cycle costing and avant-garde cost advice.

We ignite and enact cost management innovation through the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and other AI Technologies.

Asset Solutions

At Ramgoolam, we harness broad expertise, innovation and ingenuity to help communities, businesses, industries and organisations to manage, maintain and rejuvenate critical and non-critical infrastructure assets.

Other Services

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