Our Asset Management Proposition

Our deep understanding of infrastructural assets and it’s dynamic life-cycle positions us to offer an expansive range of asset management solutions. Our solutions are crafted for every cycle of the asset’s life creating opportunities to accrue maximum value from design, construction, commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning.

Our solutions help governments, businesses and communities make the tactical and strategic decisions necessary to manage the dynamic nature of infrastructural assets whilst sustaining purpose, profit and productivity.

Asset Services

Our polymaths have the capability to design bespoke asset management solutions that are built upon international best practices, community aspirations and financial objectives. Some of asset management services include:


At Ramgoolam we have developed proprietary technologies that advance conditional assessments to improve speed, accuracy and efficiency. Our technologies are bespoke in nature and can be tailored to suit any and all asset management needs.

Our BIM Capability enables us to model, plan and predict an asset’s life-cycle with extreme accuracy and rigour. Our BIM Capability is supplemented by our fleet of Matterport 360 cameras which have advanced capability that enable us to produce digital models and as-builts at rapid pace.

Asset Management Experience

Other Services

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