Affiliated Brands


The Ramgoolam Group owns a wide range of consultancy, management, planning and real estate companies. Ramgoolam Group Proprietary Limited currently provides strategic, investment, technical, financial, legal and deal making services to a range of affiliated companies including to Ramgoolam (Pty) Ltd. The Ramgoolam Group is entrusted with leading the Group’s Pan-African Expansion Goals and is entrusted with safeguarding and actuating the Group’s Strategic Plan. 

Ramgoolam Built Proprietary Limited provides construction services on building and civil infrastructural projects. Ramgoolam Built helps augur Ramgoolam’s proposition empowering us to offer turnkey building and civil construction solutions in South Africa. 

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Ramgoolam Capital Proprietary Limited is a real estate development company focussed on packaging large scale residential, mixed use and retail developmental projects. The strategic imperative of Ramgoolam Capital is centered on packaging large scale developments and getting them shovel ready for investors. Ramgoolam Capital currently owns in excess of 20000 sqm of developmentally rich real estate in South Africa.

HierArchi Design Studio is an architectural, design and planning consultancy. Their approach to design discovery is underpinned by sustainable, pragmatic and cost efficient design solutions that are immersive and intriguing for people and communities. HierArchi Design Studio is a subsidiary of The Ramgoolam Group who owns a wide range of consultancy, management, planning and real estate companies. HierArchi Design Studio helps amplify Ramgoolam’s Infrastructural Proposition particularly in the building sector.

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