Our innovative, bespoke approach and deep talent make us a global leader in community-driven solutions.



Bedeshwar Ramgoolam

Chairman & CEO


Dip. Bldg, Pg.Cert Project Management, Chartered Construction Manager, Pr. CPM, Pr.QS, MRICS, MCIOB

Bedeshwar is a widely renowned and noteworthy chartered professional who has in excess of 42 years of industry experience. He has executed large scale multi year infrastructure projects and programs in heterogeneous market segments. His diverse expertise, expansive experience and ability to assimilate project and program complexity is unparalleled.

Bedeshwar has developed broad business acumen across the value chain of the organisation. His ability to derive agile tactics and strategies ensures that the organisation remains steered towards continuous improvement and macro pre-eminence.


Ishkaar Ramgoolam



Cert. Project Leadership, Adv.Cert Project Management, MSc. Strategic Project Management, PGDip Entrepreneurship & Innovation; MCIOB, Chartered Construction Manager, Stanford Certifed Project Manager

Ishkaar has an unmatched project, program and portfolio management aptitude. He has planned, managed and launched large-scale multi year infrastructure projects and programs using tailored contemporary methodologies aligned with industry and best practice. His mastery and supremacy relative to the development of avant-garde program and project value chain culminates in superlative structural and strategic alignment. He is a critical member of the management team and the current chairperson of Group’s EXCO.

Ishkaar has completed his Masters of Science in Strategic Project Management and his Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration. He has further completed various international courses relative to management science with ivy league universities such as Cornell and Stanford.


Arthi Ramgoolam



BSc. Quantity Surveying

Arthi is a consummate executive who manages complex relationships between different management tiers. Her business acumen both as a technocrat and as an administrator is formidable. Arthi is a pivotal stakeholder across the value chain of the organisation and is pivotal in ensuring that this value chain remains aligned to strategy.


Themba Phiri



BCom, MDP BBBEE, MBA, PG.Cert Project Management

Themba has a wealth of experience in various facets of business including: Supply Chain Management, Finance, Labour Relations and Strategy.

He has managed and launched a number of supply-chain improvement projects whilst under the employ of large multinationals. He has worked in a range of industries including: Mining and Heavy Minerals and has augmented his experience with academic study.

He has over four decades of corporate experience and has been instrumental in the execution of the group’s strategy.

His leadership and guidance has produced a number of abled and competent leaders in business and within communities.


Akaash Singh


The knowledge gained from his industry experience with various organisations has shaped Akaash’s ability to adapt quickly, work efficiently and effectively as part of a team or independently. His avid entry into the industry as an administrator and subsequent advancement of the corporate ladder has seen him develop fromassisting in the successful completion of projects to managing large programmes.

Akaash has the innate ability to communicate and manage effectively stakeholders, developers,contractors and suppliers to ensure the projects run efficiently, within budget and time. Akaash has a wealth of experience both in construction and consulting.


Uvishkar Neerahoo



Cert. QS, Cert. Project Management, Adv.Dip Project Management

With extensive, in depth knowledge in both the  Project Management ,Construction Management and Quantity Surveying Sector, Uvishkar has planned and managed large scale multi-year projects aligned with Industry and best practice. 

He is an enthusiastic and professional, who enjoys being part of, as well as leading, a successful and productive team. He is quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems.

He has worked on major civil and building projects throughout KZN. He has the ability to carry out complex projects from stage 1 to 6.

Notwithstanding his extensive knowledge and experience obtained in the government sector in various genres of construction projects ranging from educational facilities, health facilities , DCS Prison programmes  and detailed conditional assessments for various disaster management centers both at a provincial and national level.


Citizen Sithole



NDip QS, BTech. QS

Versatile, cultivated and adept,Citizen has proven himself as a valuable asset to Ramgoolam’s team and displays exceptional leadership skills even when put against the most challenging tasks. He is a quintessential professional who has led numerous large scale projects and programs across different market segments.  

With over 16 years experience in the built environment, Citizen manages a portfolio of projects within both the Urban & Rural Environment.


Nirvana Maharaj



NDip. QS

A natural intellect with vigorous leadership skills, special talents and an empirical ability to innovate in the most demanding market and environmental conditions. Nirvana has extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry and has worked on projects with the Department of Correctional Services, Disaster Management Centres, Clinics and on the audit nature of the construction and built environment.

 In her recent work she has managed large scale programmes and is able to manage many teams under her wing with a creative and innovative approach to problem solving, strong numeracy and financial management skills


Avinash Haripersad



NDip Bldg, BTech QS, Dip. Project Management, Pr. QS

A  Professional Quantity Surveyor with over 21 years post qualification experience. Avinash has worked on large-scale multi-year projects and programs across an array of infrastructure markets including, but not limited to: Government, Airports, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Education, Automotive and Retail.

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