Ramgoolam is an independent advisory, built and management science consultancy, built around human centered, community inspired, human alchemy, who collaborate to advance the ambitions of communities, businesses and industries.

At Ramgoolam.

We rethink and reshape conventional advisory, built and management thematics for the benefit of social, ecological, economic and global communities. Our capability, obsession with innovation and our bespoke outlook, differentiates our value proposition and fortifies our global competitiveness.

Ramgoolam has national and international advisory, built and management science capability, underpinned by polymaths, with deep and broad industry knowledge, who use world class technologies to discover community centric innovation, that help advance the ambitions of communities, businesses and industries.


Ramgoolam helps communities access services critical to their longevity and prosperity by helping build schools, hospitals, houses, clinics, water infrastructure, energy infrastructure and sanitation infrastructure.

Ramgoolam helps communities grow and connect their economies by helping build airports, shopping centres, offices, roads and integrated transport systems.

Through collaboration with people and businesses we help provide agile and affordable advisory solutions that help industries navigate a fast paced, transitional, global environment, empowering them to remain sustainable, customer centric, community centric and profitable in a changing and uncertain world.

Ramgoolam aims to add value beyond measure, beyond expectation, beyond legacy and across the fabric of communities and industries, globally.

Ramgoolam is a brand of the Ramgoolam Group. The Ramgoolam Group is a diversified conglomerate of businesses with commercial interests in built consulting, management consulting, advisory consulting, construction services, real estate, venture capital, non-renewable resources and fast moving consumer goods.

Value Propostion.

Our collective aptitude relative to scaling up excellence, discovering innovation and community centricity helps us contribute to the advancement of community, business and industry ambitions.

Ramgoolam offers expansive end to end solutions that enable clients to develop potent programs and projects that are ideated in alignment with strategy, executed in alignment with best practice, refined by pragmatism, accelerated through innovation which is bolstered and centered around community ambitions.

We deliver on this covenant by igniting and enacting innovation, by applying pragmatic and academic ideology, by leveraging organic mastery, by engaging communities and by empirically managing the interconnected changing macro paradigm.

Our multi-centric outlook underpins our value proposition and fortifies its global competitiveness.

Quick Facts

350 +
Educational Projects
Airport Projects
Healthcare Projects
120 +
Water & Sanitation Projects
Design & Build Projects
Retail Projects
0 +
Commercial Projects
130 +
Residential Units
R Billion+
0 +
Asset Conditional Assessments
1 MW+
Energy Related Projects
R Billion+
BIM Based Solutions
0 %+
Repeat Customers
1 +
Graduates Mentored



ISO 9001:2015

Dekra Certified Quality Management System

ISO 14001:2015

DEKRA Certified Health & Safety Management System

ISO 45001:2018

DEKRA Certified Environmental Management System


& Artificial Intelligence

We are leaders in the integration of technology within service delivery environments. Through the augmentation of long-term and short-term technology strategies that are adaptive to changes within the technology space, we are able to ensure that the most advanced technologies are used to help advance the ambitions of communities, businesses and industries.

Emeding Building Information Modelling (BIM) into our built solutions help our clients optimize value and discover opportunities for innovation and efficiency.

5 D and 3 D Modelling Technologies owned by the firm enable our customers navigate the complex life of assets with extreme efficiency and proficiency.

CHATGPT 4 has revolutionized our business and project processes helping us deliver cost effective solutions that fortities our ability to deliver success.

These technologies and our aptness for continuous improvement ensures that we deliver the most technologically advanced solutions that help transform communities, businesses and industries.

Social Responsibility.

We are earnest in empowering communities through the execution of social initiatives that focus on alleviating poverty, aiding and upskilling the youth, and contributing to the creation of sustainable employment. Since inception we have mentored over 50 individuals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and have founded and furthered our mentoring programs with extreme rigour. Our mentored alumni continue to add value in government, business and communities in various roles.
Our socio economic compact is inbred into the culture of our people and business. We continue to invest in an array of philanthropic causes that helps shape our communities to embody a culture of excellence similar to ours.
We are proficiently orientated with environmental deficiencies that could lead to a global future that is detrimental to future global societies. Subsequently, we take all necessary preventative action to mitigate the effect we have on our environment and as far as possible consolidate our impact through sustainable business strategies that have little or no impact on the environment.

Since inception Ramgoolam has invested millions of rands on digital technologies and community outreach programmes.

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